Why the two dots over the letter 'i' in the name?

There's one for the birth of each daughter. 

It's also a 'ditto' mark – a signal to my bride.

If you've got some time, here's a video of my newspaper years..

  • The Steve Stinson Art Studio

Thanks for dropping by. Yours truly is the author and illustrator of many books for children, two non-fiction books for adults, and a novel, with another novel ready for spring, 2024. I am published by Conservatarian Press.

The Stinson Art Studio also
produces videos, portraits, paintings, and commercial art from my lovely, albeit overstuffed, studio in Southwest Virginia. It's actually just a room.

I've also specialized in large format art for pediatric hospitals.  These conjure up magical worlds where anything goes and nobody wears a helmet. The idea is to take the wait out of a waiting room.

I work in many different styles. I'm told artists don't normally do that. I don't care.

– Steve

About Steve Stinson

Occupation: Artist and writer

Wife: Patient and forgiving

Offspring: Less patient, equally forgiving

Home: World's smallest five-bedroom house

Education: B.A. English, Westminster College, Missouri

Children's Books

• Owen's Choice

• Squiffy & the Vine Street Boys in Shiver Me Timbers!" – Muddy Boots Books

• Grumpypants

• Where Kent Went

• Darien the Crustatarian

• Hay-Hay's Dog Has Her Day-Day

• Whit's Matching Shoes

• Ice for Rent: Bad Poetry in Motion

• My Favorite Nursery Rhymes
• Go Trippy Go!
• The Hunt for Smitty
• This is Not a Farm
• Rusty, Musty & Dusty, the Clowns Without a Circus
• The First Traffic Jam in Callaway County
• Today, I am a Jew


• Bullet Bill Dudley: The Greatest 60-Minute Man in Football. Globe Pequot/Rowman & Littlefield.

• Co-author What Would Mary Ann Do? with Dawn Wells. Taylor Trade.

• Flip, a novel.
• Square Heart, a wordless book for adults

Commercial Art

• The Steve Stinson Art Studio is a full service shop – writing, editing, design, graphics, illustration, video production.

Things hardly worth mentioning, but I will, anyway . . .

Ringmaster and juggler in "Circus Minimus," a show for children.

• Writer and performer in "Bad Poetry in Motion," a comedy troupe.

• Elementary school juggling coach.

• Founding Board Member, National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

• I rode a bicycle across Europe.  It was far.

• I rode a bicycle across the United States. It was farther.

• Ran the Virginia Ten-Miler while juggling three balls. Had seven drops. This was when I was young and limber.