Why the two dots over the letter 'i' in the name?

There's one for the birth of each daughter. 

It's also a 'ditto' mark – a signal to my bride.

If you've got some time, here's a video of my newspaper years..

  • The Steve Stinson Art Studio

Thanks for dropping by. Yours truly produces videos, portraits, pet portraits, fine art and commercial art from my lovely, albeit overstuffed, studio in Southwest Virginia. It's actually just a room.

I am also the author and illustrator of many books for children, two non-fiction books for adults, and a novel. I'm still looking for an agent who can drive a stick shift and doesn't use the word 'empower.'  Call me.

Of late I've specialized in book design – for my own children's books and for clients with complex, tutorial content.

I've also specialized in large format art for pediatric hospitals.  These conjure up magical worlds where nobody wears a helmet. The idea is to take the wait out of a waiting room.

I work in many different styles. I'm told artists don't normally do that. I don't care.

– Steve

About Steve Stinson

Occupation: Artist

Wife: Patient and forgiving

Offspring: Less patient, equally forgiving

Home: World's smallest five-bedroom house

Education: B.A. English, Westminster College, Missouri

Children's Books

• Owen's Choice

• "Squiffy & the Vine Street Boys in Shiver Me Timbers!" Muddy Boots Books

• "Grumpypants"

• "Where Kent Went,"

• "Darien the Crustatarian,"

• "Hay-Hay's Dog Has Her Day-Day,"

• "Whit's Matching Shoes,"

• "Ice for Rent" 

• "My Favorite Nursery Rhymes"
• Go Trippy Go!
• The Hunt for Smitty


• Bullet Bill Dudley: The Greatest 60-Minute Man in Football. Globe Pequot/Rowman & Littlefield.

• Co-author What Would Mary Ann Do? with Dawn Wells. Taylor Trade.

Commercial Art

• The Steve Stinson Art Studio is a full service shop – writing, editing, design, graphics, illustration, video production.

Things hardly worth mentioning, but I will, anyway . . .

Ringmaster and juggler in "Circus Minimus," a show for children.

• Writer and performer in "Bad Poetry in Motion," a comedy troupe.

• Elementary school juggling coach.

• Founding Board Member, National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

• I rode a bicycle across Europe.  It was far.

• I rode a bicycle across the United States. It was farther.

• Ran the Virginia Ten-Miler while juggling three balls. Had seven drops. This was when I was young and limber.