The Stinson Art Studio  produces short, medium, and long-form documentaries and trailers along with advertisements designed for social media.

Services include scriptwriting, photo and document research, photo preparation and enhancement, animation, graphics, voicing and final production. Go to the Stinson Art Studio Youtube Channel for more.


This documentary traces a 25-year story that begins when a very young Czech sculptor named Franta Belsky meets Winston Churchill at the outset of World War II and ends when Franta unveils  a masterpiece statue of Winston at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

LThis short documentary explores the extraordinary body of work created by photographer O. Winston Link during the last years of the steam era in American railroading. Produced for the O. Winston Link Museum in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Virginian Hotel has been a landmark in downtown Lynchburg, VA for more than a century. The hotel's rise, decline, and rebirth mirror the fortunes of the city. This one-hour documentary is based on interviews with people who stayed there, ate there, and worked there.

A chronicle of the illustration career of yours truly during the 20-year period that was the golden age of newspaper illustration.

A very personal piece for me. This documents the contributions of Dave Stinson to the remarkable project that was, and remains, the Winston Churchill Memorial. It involved tearing down a condemned 17th-century Christopher Wren church in London and rebuilding it in the United States.

This is a highlight reel of some serious showing off back in the 1900s when Dr. Chumley, the hapless ringmaster and juggler for Circus Minimus gets his share of pies in the face.